An Eternal Query

All along life’s bitter paths
I have trod and learned,
The sole reality is God
So to God I turned.
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From Devonport With Love

My dearest darlings, here I am
Forlorn in a foreign land;
Sweet smells of life abound,
Colour and toys and chocs around.
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To The Submarine Newsletter – A Tribute

The SNL, we all agree,
To a relative degree,
Is a work that merits praise,
Even from those above the waves.
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Morning Watch

You see the varying hues
Of the sea and sky,
Mingle and blend
Like an alchemists potion,
Fruitlessly simmering
In this all-encompassing plasma.
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The Curse of the Skies

Gloves white shielding knuckles pale
Tautened like an iron rail
Gripping, gripping till it seems
Blood’s a–leaking at the seams.
Nimble hands keep at their job
Unmindful of an anguished sob
Stemming from the cerebrum
Spreading like the beat of drum.
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The Joy of Flying

The engines purred, the props whirred
The Cessna slowly stirred.
Pressure on the brakes released
It steadily picked up speed.
A tug so gentle on the stick
Gave us an upward flick.
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A Lesson in Trust

While on watch one wintry night,
My keenly roving eyes espied
A faint and faraway light
Fine on starboard side.

‘A boat engaged in fishing’,
The Captain said to me,
‘Looks like her bearing
Is more or less steady’.
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Experiences on a Minesweeper

The ship’s rigged for sweeping,
And that it never does,
While up and down the coast
It’s throbbing engines buzz.

Patrolling and patrolling,
That’s the game it plays,
With aimless to’s and fro’s
It’s a sport which never pays
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The Mighty Ship BABUR

Leading a valiant fleet
‘tis the mighty ship BABUR,
Whose deadly gliding sleekness
The enemy’s aims deter.

A greyish streak upon
The blueness of the sea
‘tis the mighty ship BABUR
Out on a hunting spree.
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Battle Stations

It’s steady, shrieking, eerie tones,
Which chills one to the very bones,
Quickly fills the ship to spread
A message of an unknown dread.
It’s strangely brutal pounding rouses
Men from weary, drunken poses,
Forces them from bunks to leap
These tired souls so drugged with sleep.
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