An Eternal Query

All along life’s bitter paths
I have trod and learned,
The sole reality is God
So to God I turned.

I looked at him askance
Like a humble servant,
And to all my pent-up feelings
I forcefully gave vent.

Why in this world of ours
Created by a being divine,
Do men behind a benign smile
Hide their fangs lupine?

Why do these men forsake
All ideals for a money heap?
Why has the word of God been flouted
By a code so cheap?

Why in this mad rat race
Are men so crudely propelled
By envy, fear and jealousy
Which in high esteem are held?

Why in the heavens fair name,
Thine is so exploited?
Why men so sworn to guard it
Are leaders in the bid?

Can men with their facial growth
Hide an evil stain,
Or can this malignant growth extend
To centres of the brain?

Thus I spoke and stood repentant,
A ray of light shone forth,
‘Look into your heart it cried
And see what you are worth?

‘Men by thousands have been sent
And all far better than you,
To instil the fear of God in man
Which still is left to do.

‘Do you think that you can fare
Better than the chosen ones?
Or do you like the rest believe
That talk can slay a hundred huns?

‘If all like you who shout and gripe,
Just change themselves and they will find
A better world, a brighter dawn
All fearful tension left behind.’


  1. Javaid Iqbal June 7, 2013 at 4:23 PM

    Great work sir…Ancient Spirit


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