The Quaid Remembered

There before me swims
What time hardly dims,
A vision of a figure frail
Clad in coat of mail,
His weapon firm conviction
The battle handily won;
Had fought with main and might
For what he felt was right.
Out of a land so torn
With bitter strife was born
A nation new and pure
A panacea, a certain cure
For a dark and dismal mess
Of hate and helplessness.
It’s leader and it’s founder too
He who made the dream come true
Gentle, preserving, kind
Lives on in our hearts and mind.
Yes, time passes but never dims
Nor whitens at the rims
Nor can efface his memory
The man who set us free
Threw off the yoke of slavery.
Stern of face and visage,
Smouldering with inner rage,
Took a stand and stuck to it,
Wavering not one bit.
Never bowed, was never cowed
Getting what he vowed;
His spirit and elan
Got us Pakistan.
Roused from hibernation
By his fiery oration
Sprang up partisans all,
Formed a solid wall
Backed down not one whit
So was history writ.

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