To The Submarine Newsletter – A Tribute

The SNL, we all agree,
To a relative degree,
Is a work that merits praise,
Even from those above the waves.
It’s well- directed scathing jibes
Cuts a man right down to size;
It rides roughshod with spikes
Over friends and foes alike.
But wait! Lest we forget
It’s service to it’s special set.
In a service known for hide – and – seek,
Where men with oily hides go seek
A place to park their aching butts;
Where in every inch are packed three nuts,
Where pigeon holes have double roles,
Where those who snore, you can’t ignore.
So in a force with passion deep
The SNL, with sound intrigue
Brings fond word and spreads good cheer
To all those it holds so dear;
It fosters goodwill, brings men close
With generous dabs of witty dose.
How I wish that it could spread,
It’s message be more widely read;
So from a friend who bears no ill,
Keep lunging for the kill.

Note: This poem was written in March 1990 in response to a request for comments from the editor of the Submarine Newsletter, Cdr Shabbir Ahmed PN. The writer was serving as Ag Director PN Tactical School at the time.

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